Monday, February 6, 2012


 So we traveled up the coast to Oregon and hung out with Sarah Whitling for a few days and then made our way out to Breckenridge CO to chill with my ol' pal Spera, decided snow was not in our cards so we headed back to California,

 And into Santa Cruz for a week at Wind Tree center and farm, where we met all sorts of good folks, had tasty communal dinners, did some roof work and started a new garden on a great stretch of property restoring the devastated land that was burnt to a crisp in a forest fire three years ago...

 We made our way out to Chino Valley Arizona to work on Chino Valley Farm and are currently prepping this old schhool bus to paint a mural on as well as starting tomato transplants and growth for the seasons start.

we also hiked the grand canyon and i got loved on by this cat!


Mike Vance said...

fucking. gnarley. you assholes.

Kevin said...

pretty goddamn awesome man. when you get back im gonna pick up a guitar and we're gonna learn a buch of townes van zandt songs.