Sunday, January 15, 2012

Land Of Lost Tramps

 As of now we are in Eugene Oregon, we finally made it out west exploring the coast and SF bay area by foot, train and bus.  After our van/printshop broke down in the deep south we set out with the clothes on our backs and the road ahead joining the ranks of a million odd ball dirty anarchist kids, spidering the United States living out of dumpsters and ally ways, a rather amazing support system we didn't know the depth and expanse of.  There have been many days we wished we could sleep in a cozy van surrounded by our art supplies and equipt to cook some grub in a walmart parking lot, but it's so much more freeing having nothing but the barest of bare essentials. 
 We have been fortunate enough to be able to crash on some amazing folks couches and back ally bunk houses for a few good nights of rest.  The stories, folks, rebels and places that we have come across are countless, dangerous at times and have fueled our senses with enough inspiration to create truckloads of art, poems and creations for years to come.  These three photos are from San Fran, after running into just enough cash to wash our clothes and refuel, loving the bay area like a home we never knew.
Having only really seen the east coast as the meca of art and restless kids opposed to the systems laid out for us like a giant mouse trap, it's exciting to see the west-coast in all its glory, especially after all the empty, homophobic, overly-conservative and down right strange cities of mid-south America.  Even the smallest of west coast differences like every single store and business having a compost, recycle and landfill barrel to the generosity and open-minded-ness that New England could never understand.  Everyone out here homeless, rich, blue collar and white have shown such a heightened level of interest in where we are from, going and thinking, that it builds a sense of community far beyond the idea of place in the minds eye.  It's impossible to understand unless you've been out here, its actually quite unbelievable even now, like a utopia dream land.  A place where people actually care about small zeen stores with bizarre anarchist publications complete with ideas of a better future.  The West...The Best


Christopher Pianka said...

What you are doing is awesome, and I hope you are having the kind of life experience we all dream of having. Kudos for getting out and doing it. Miss you, keeping you in my thoughts and I await hearing about all your adventures in detail when you get back. Have a safe trip, Cheers

Sirama Bajo said...

You two look so beautiful in the Bay. Already look like you belong there. Letting yourselves fall in-love with it can be dangerous. I also am in love with that wind, that sea. It was a delight to read this entry. Safe journeys.

From freezing Mass,