Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Conscious Dickheads

I've stayed out of political commentary for sometime now but as i continue to envelope myself in a world of food, from production to distribution i am ready to state my anarchical feelings towards the ideal soccer-mom's-hot-spot-to-find-a-hockey-dad-to-fuck-in-the-juice-bar of the 'supposed' responsible consumer superstore of Whole Foods.  I took this image above from Derek Fenner's tumbler after seeing his post of it and also seeing this book in isle 'Organic' yesterday.  Let me first begin by redefining or un-defining the words: 'Organic' or 'All Natural'...

...All too often do we see these words plastered all over the boxed products that we fiend for like they are the only real GMO-free or Chemical-free or Synthetic Fertilizer-free foods out there, but let me tell you sudo-hippie-moms of the USA, your way fucking off mark...Working on farms across North America, i have come to know as fact that when a farm becomes 'Certified USDA Organic' They are actually lowering their standards to the government's standards that do NOT promote putting 'saved' seeds in healthy happy soil and letting the glory of thunder claps and rain storms humble the dumb farmer as their seeds sow and grow...In fact the US governments standards for 'Organic' is a game of percentages...So 'Organic' by whole-foodies package-stocked-shelved-scripture of a definition is simply when a farmer, usually a 'monocrapper' is allowed by the Government to either use 100%, 95% or as low as 70% Organic ingredients in their products.

Let's put it in perspective for you urban food heathens out there...say a farm wants to be able to sticker their product as 'Organic'...say they mono crop Tomatoes and lets say they produce a tomato product...hmmmm...soup sounds good...okay so now the government is not looking at their product as much as their produce production.  The farm gathers at cost prices all their other ingredients for their soup from other 'organic' farmers, that mind you only need to be 70% organic.  So since those other 30% UNorganic ingredients are UNaccounted for and only the tomato soup product producers are held accountable for 'their' 70% organic tomatoes, they can soak 30% of their crop with whatever fucked up Monsanto chemical they want to meat up those beefsteaks with and then mix em up with their 70% 'organic' tomatoes.  So now after all is said and done and you take a 70/30% blend from this farm and 70/30% blend from that farm and so on and so forth you now have a Certified USDA Organic Product with most likely less than 10% Organic produce in it...probably even less seeing that Certified farms can mix their organic and non-organic produce giving cross-contamination a whole new meaning! So in conclusion, the definition of Organic, your Whole Foods organic products are probably not even a single % Organic when you break it all down.

Okay take a deep breath and crack that stiffening neck...exhale and realize some companies do actually produce 100% organic product...mostly these companies grow all of their ingredients and stick to a strict code of ethics that allows the consumer if properly educated on the company in question to rest assured that their Veggie Soup is actually Organic, real organic, before the fuck-faces of Monsanto were born between shit and piss Organic!

Organic is now a brand, as is Levi or Whole Foods own 365 brand and you know how much angsty anarchists like me hate fucking brands!  So lets bring this rant back to the book that should make people realize what Whole Foods is all about if they looked above the text and the praise blurbs on the back cover...In my opinion this book is almost exactly what Konny 2012 attempted to do...grab an already faithful group of seemingly young and 'conscious' consumers and attempt to snatch the last of their free thought and channel it into the broken and hazardous system of Capitalism.

If you've gotten this far I'm probably preaching to the choir but to those who are still shaky on my opinions here i ask you to take this simple challenge.  Go into Hanniford, Market Basket or any other regular grocery store downtown and casually walk into their back stock rooms and walk in fridges, I assure you as a produce delivery person they wont say anything to you...take a look at all of the boxes and bags and logo's on all the produce and go into a Whole Foods and take a look in their back room.  You might be pissed that you are buying the same onions and bananas and cukes and much much more for almost double the is that conscious capitalism or just plain fucking theft...thank you Whole Paychecks, I'm mean Whole Foods, thank you.     

The truly all natural organic farmers out their that remain uncertified by the USDA are the actual organic farmers.  So go to a farmers market, talk to a farmer and buy some good wholesome and all natural foods to support your healthy mind for all the anarchism articles you can find! : )

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