Monday, September 17, 2012

Charley Shively

I wish i had a better camera, but this is just a documentation that i am actually painting again!  It's been almost an entire year now and after making a bunch of canvases last week and just nervously staring at them for days, i went out to skateboard, realized i was old and broken, came home limping but satisfied that a man with a hobo's beard can still kickflip a trashcan and then I began to paint...I came to realized over these 11 months of homeless traveling, farming, learning, ingoring, hiding, running, jumping, drinking and sleeping on the Westward beaches, mountains and deserts that most people never come back to art once it has been away from them for too long.  I staved off the urge to make art for a long time (like a strange instinct) to see if it was really in me to have to paint and draw and after countless nights song struck and whiskey soaked down to the bone, endlessly dusty in the desert skies, i was going insane without art.  So i came back to the eastern shores to start anew.  

This is a diptic ive been wanting to paint for over three years now, it's still in the beginning stages, but after straying off into Thorpe-ville USA for wwwaaayyy too long, i remembered art is about what you crave to create, so here it is, the first of many, the man, the legend, the gay anarchist, bible burning, creator of the gay liberation magazine: Fag Rag, friend to John Wieners, Jim Dunn and so many other great poets, such an original being indeed, never intended for mass production: Charley Shively

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