Friday, March 11, 2011



Aaron M Berger said...

I think the green cross is more justified in it's existence. almost makes some illusion of space.

I really liked the pattern with the diamonds that ran across the canvas. it shows up in the 3rd image. Part of me would like some of it lingering still in the painting... gave a good wholeness to the painting.

other than that the hierarchy is becoming firmly established.

there's a lot of white, redish orange, and yellow... might think about breaking that up.

the dark outline is doing in my opinion great things

not sure about the second set of eyes towards the center.

Erik Lomen said...

I feel ya! I'm definitely starting to resolve the space and know i still have to work out the color (as you know its something i never think about, ha) and the spaces i opened up. I'm definitely waiting for it to dry and I'll glaze the shit outta that second face with some alizaron to throw it back, and give it a different color space challenge. thanks for the crit brutha!

Mike Vance said...

i love every stage of this one. def one of my favorite works youve done!