Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Old drawings

 These are two abstracted studies I did last year around this time, of my fathers private basement pack-rat workshop/dwelling area.  The first one was me getting comfortable with the space and a week later I did the second one from the same vantage point.  They are rather large drawings.


Erin M. McNeill said...

these are really exciting, they have a great rythmn
i especially like the second drawing!

Aaron M Berger said...

pertaining to the painting:

The left face needs more detail but i think that is more of a problem of not getting there yet.

the two corners on the right I believe need attention. Either they need to become busier with more stuff going on, or they need to become bigger, with more area of flat space.

I would look at Julie Mehretu. your fury of marks reminds me of her and I think it be worth your while to pay her a visit through a book or the internet.

Erik Lomen said...

Thank you...I agree and I'm in dire need of feedback,I'll keep posting picture updates as i paint working with your thoughts in mind Berger. Thank you both for insight.