Saturday, June 12, 2010

Painting A'Las

This is a shitty cell pic but...

...What i have been doing in my drawings lately is using the process of mark making, allowing objects and planes of space to emerge, then choosing what I'd like to pull out and what I'd like to push back during the 'process', over and over until the drawing is fully 'rendered' to my liking...I've started to do this with my painting process and it's a bit difficult for me to decide, because the paintings are about and of a certain people, weather or not i should bring emerging faces and figures into a state that realistically represents the subject of the painting, or leave them as they emerge not forcing the emergence to represent what is does not happen naturally.  So i ask my self...Is this enough? Should i decide to paint the objects and then abstract and bring in space?  Is a switch in conscious decisions between the two processes of drawing/painting what you actually see and what you feel too much of a dichotomy to fight with in painting? 

There are so many ways to fuck up a painting or drawing and so many ways to make it work, perhaps this is to much scribbling and erasing in my mind?!!?!?!?!



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