Thursday, November 5, 2009

Settling Into Painting

It has been an exciting and insanely busy few months meeting and spending time with poets and photographing them for reference for paintings. So far I've had the pleasure of spending time with and photographing Jared Paul, B Dolan, Buddy Wakefield, Andrea Gibson, Derrick Brown, Shira Erlichan, Gerrit Lansing, James Dunn, Michael Gizzi, Anne Waldman, Charley Shively, and Jack McCarthy. In the time in which I've been traveling and meeting these poets I've been working on a painting of William S. Burroughs that i will post a picture of soon. In the months to come i will be stretching canvases for all of these poets based on imagery i work up from intensive research into each of the poets lives and work, and begin painting. Along with my mural of Olson and Ferrini in the process, I'm researching the lives of sinced passed poets, Robert Creely, Ezra Pound, Frank O'Hara, Jack Spicer, Robert Duncan, and John Wieners for paintings as well. I also hope to meet and be able to paint Clark Coolidge, Chuck Stein, Amiri Baraka and Patricia Smith in the near future

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