Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poet Portraits

This fall I will be starting a series of large format paintings of poets. So far the list includes, Jared Paul, B Dolan, Buddy Wakefield, Corrina Bain and Michael Cirelli, Alixa and Naima The series is in preparation for a MAY 2010 first showing at Montserrat College of Art.

I have come to develope a strong love for the art of Spoken Word and for the dedicated poets who i've build friendships with over the years. These Poets are changing this world for the better, using their words like magic on our minds. They build worlds out of these words they choose to use and plant seeds in our heads to grow and expand and form a foundation for wisdom, in time.

I hope this series will grow and expand exponentially as i come to discover new talented poets. My goal is create a collection of paintings of amazing people, for others to discover and find meaning in as a group, as well as mesh the art worlds of word and paint.

If you are a poet/spoken word artist and are interested in having your portrait painted as part of this series, contact me at

Here We Go, Let The Seeds Spread and Sprout

Erik Lomen

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