Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sketches For A Mural

These are some sketches of a mural I'd like to do at Bikes Not Bombs in Boston, MA. The foreground is made up of Bike and clock gears, representing change and forward motion through time. Riding over the Gearscape are 3 bikers from three different time periods. As they petal forward they leave a trail of grass and fertile land behind them. Above, in the sky, planes drop parachutes holding crates of free food and bikes. The bicyclists could possibly be Henry David Thoreau, Jared Paul...etc Basically any important activist figure throughout history that would have chosen a bike over a car.

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Pumpkevin said...

dude that second picture of kathleen in your earlier post looks like she's seriously constipated or really surprized that shes seriously constipated.